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Goal, Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision
The mission of The College is to develop socially responsive, creative and result oriented management professionals that will fill up the middle level managerial positions in the rapidly growing business and other sector in Nepal and abroad.

The main Goals of The College are:

  • To produce high quality students to take up middle level managerial positions in the business and other sector.
  • To impart innovative and practical skills required in business management that will help students to understand & solve practical problems creatively.
  • To provide professional management education with a blend of computer and management information system course.
  • To prepare students to proceed onto post graduate level study in Hotel administration.

Our Features and Facilities

  • Class room including corridors and practical labs contains wall to wall carpet floor.
  • Class room contains adequate light and air supply and is fully multimedia operated.
  • Class room including other public areas of the college is 24/7 monitored by cctv structure.
  • Practical labs are operated with latest and well managed tools, machines, equipments, furniture, electrical, etc.
  • A separate parking compound is available with the capacity of 20 motorcycles, 50 cycles and 10 cars.
  • Indoor and Outdoor sports activity such as chess, carom board, table tennis, Bat mention, Basket ball, etc are the regular. However the participating in national tournaments will be highly encouraged.
  • Library with all the necessary text books, notes, magazines and stationary.
  • College bus is available to pick and drop.
  • walking distance Hostel(Seperate) assistance.