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Mandatory Rules & Regulation

Mandatory Rules & Regulation

Mandatory Rules & Regulation

Prohibiton Of Ragging

»Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the college premises and outside as well. Ragging includes individual and collective acts or practice which involves

o Physical assault or threat and/or use of physical force.
o Violate the status, dignity and honor of students belonging to their ability and castes.
o Expose students to ridicule and contempt and affect their self- esteem.
o Entail verbal abuse and aggression.

»In case of any students who may have obtained a degree of university or college, is found under the practice of ragging, he/she may be subjected to appropriate action for withdrawal of degree conferred by the university/college.

»The abetment of ragging will also amount to ragging.

»To redress complaints related to sexual harassment and student can avail information from the HOD, Academic.


» All powers relating to discipline and disciplinary action are vested in the Principal or his/her nominee. The principal may, in the exercise of his/her power order or direct:-
   o That any student or students be expelled, or
   o Any student or students, for a stated period, be rusticated, or
   o For a stated period, be not admitted to a course or courses of study in a college, or
   o Be fined with a sum of rupees that may be specified, or
   o That the result of the concerned student examination or in which he/she has appeared be cancelled.
   o Playing holi/Fagu inside the college premises is strictly prohibited.    

   o Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found guilty of violating this rule.

Proctorial Board

» A Proctorial Board, consisting of the members of the teaching staff and students class representative, will be jointly responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the college. The following code of conduct is expected from the students;
   o To carry identity and library cards to college every day.
   o To maintain silence in the ‘SILENCE ZONE’ i.e corridors, inside and outside class rooms, front desk, etc.
   o To attend all lecture, tutorial and extra-curricular activity regularly.
   o To keep mobile phones switched off during classes and not to carry mobile phones during exam.
   o To switch off lights and fans before vacating the classroom.
   o To read Notice boards every day.
   o To use library or canteen during free time to avoid disturbing classes.
   o To desist from tearing of pages of library books.
   o To assist college authorities in maintaining greenery.

   o To report all cases of indecency and misbehavior to the college authorities.
   o To observe self discipline, cleanliness and punctuality.
   o Not to use unfair means during examination.


» Students shall not enter into any contracts in the name of the college except with prior written authorization from college officials    vested with the authority to sign a contract on the behalf of the College.

Ncmt Email Account

» Students are responsible for checking their NCMT assigned email accounts on a regular basis. Official notifications & information   may be sent to a student’s email account. Students who use other email accounts should make sure they are monitoring their NCMT email accounts as well.

Smoking, Drugs And Alcohol

» College is a “Smoke-Free, Alcohol free and Tobacco Free Zone”. Smoking, alcohol drinking or the distribution & consumption of tobacco products are prohibited within the College property, including in any building, facility, or structure and on real estate that is owned or leased. Students who violate this provision may be subject to the Student’s Discipline Code of Conduct.


» Violations of this regulation include the theft of services or theft of property owned by either an individual or the College from its authorized location and will be deal as per the regulation.

» The College shall not responsible for the personal belongings of students.


» Any weapon or object that may be considered a weapon by the College in its sole and absolute discretion, or any object that may cause bodily harm to the bearer or another individual is strictly prohibited. In unclear cases of definition, the context in which a particular object is used shall determine whether it is a weapon, such determination to be made by the College in its sole and absolute discretion. Objects that are included in this category, but not limited to, are firearms, stun guns, pellet guns, explosive, dangerous chemicals, ammunition, bows & arrows, knives, slingshots, etc.

» Possession of fireworks (firecrackers, bottle rockets, etc.) of any variety, manufactured by either an individual or a company is   prohibited.


» Preferable language is English. However, Nepali, Malaysian or Hindi under exceptional circumstance.


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